CodeHeroes : Hardware gamer 

Next bootcamp coming soon

Start learning to make games like a pro

and learn code using real specialist devices!

Your first steps in the world of 8 bit game design and coding 

Easy to understand steps and fun, the way courses should be. 

create your game, load to real heardware

and lets your friends try it out


Whats in the course?

Learn the skills

- Master the code

- create your hero

- Design level level

Test the gameplay

- learn game gravity 

- colliders and walls

- scoring

Hardware time!

- Transfer the game to the specialist hardware

- Real console feel

- load, reload! Put a new game everyday if you want

See and compare real code

- a fun way to try Python and Javascript

- learn real code

- Hop back to visual code to compare! 

Course details

CodeHeroes : Hardware gamer is the launchpad from which you will rocket your way into the world of game design and coding.

: This is a contact, in-person course located at the GamePit in the  Digi & Game center, Tourula, Jyväskylä.  

: 4 hours a day over 3 days : 2pm -6pm

upon completion :

: Everyone gets to bring the adafruit game hardware home to keep

: Students will recieve their RoboZone CodeHero certificate.

: Prizes and swag for the winner of the best game competiton. 

Course is held in Finnish and English languages.

Course is aimed for children over 10 years old. 

Depending on venue Course have only 10 seats.

Book your seat in the course using form below. You will reiceive details and payment info via email after your booking is processed.


Collected data will only be used for course booking purpose.

We will not share it to third parties and will delete it after the course.