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Next online course 28-30.7.2021

Your first steps in the world of tech, using simple to understand and fun to use block coding.


Learn IF / ELSE, OR, NOT statements, functions and variables

Learn code by controlling virual robots, drones and even submarines. 

Code with

Learn to control with code, cool vehicles like submarines, robots, cars and flying drones in great looking enviroments 

Understand sensors and co-ordinates

Once you have mastered control then its time to challenge a friend to a duel, where speed and sharp wits will determine who is victorious! 

Whats in the course?

CodeHeroes season 1 is the launchpad from which you will rocket your way into the world of tech.

: ONLINE only. 4 hours a day over 3 days, 2pm - 6pm (finnish time)

Consisting of :

: 3 hours of instructed and guided learning

: 1 hours of free 'play with the bots' time

upon completion :

: Students will recieve their RoboZone CodeHero certificate.

: Prizes and swag for the winner of the Roboduel competion. 

Course is held in Finnish and English languages.

Course is aimed for kids over 10 years old. 

Course is limited to 30 seats. Reserve yours place now!

Course Price €125 (incl. Vat)

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