HexGen for schools and institutions

STEAM education is seen around the world as crucial for developing future innovators

and is essential for local and national economies to compete on the world stage.

Hexgen's mission is to solve the problems found with STEAM in the classroom :

Cost : access : gender equality : engagement  

We help reduce the costs of the schools STEAM education budget and offer higher     

quality, modern and engaging tech and code learning materials for the students.

At last ! STEAM materials schools can afford 

A flexible leasing and distribultion system

tailored to your timetable and needs. 

Only pay for the time that you need and no more. 

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Remote robot classrooms 

'Our 'Anywhere learning' network

allows students, classes or clubs to maintain their STEAM lessons even in quarantine or other distance learning situations. 

Competitions, gamification and

inter-class / school leagues will maintain engagement and excitement. 

RoboZone Labs

Whats better than having the best modern gear for your class? 

How about an inspirational gamified STEAM centre for super charged classes, competitions and grand science experiments? 

The Robozone Lab will be a makers environment in which groups will have the space and extra equipment to perform bigger experiments, projects and themed events. 

Through the Lab, we will be running local and national robotics and innovator competitions