Primary / secondary schools

HexGen STEAM set library

We offer STEAM equipment for schools to cover all the major subjects and disciplines. Feel free to contact us for any special requests. 


Code-play blocks

Code-play blocks is a screen free physical, hands-on version of the much loved Scratch PC based code learning enviroment.

With these magnetic blocks, children from the ages of 6+ can learn linear coding logic and also loops and rudimentary IF, AND, OR conditionals statements to move a cute slow moving car with onboard sensors around a table or floor.  

This is the perfect introduction to coding for any child.

Makeblock mTiny

This is a screen free coding and story telling education robot. Navigate the cute, sensor filled panda around specially designed jigsaw mats either using coding tiles and the bluetooth pen or controll the panda with a joystick on the same pen. This is a fantastic starting point in a childs journey in our modern tech driven world.

Ozobot evo ( for primary & secondary )

Ozobot are amazing little bits of tech. They are suitable for 1st graders to adult.

They are easy to use and can teach coding in 3 different ways

  • Colour markers. Draw a colour code on paper to send commands to your bot ! 
  • Scratch 
  • JavaScript

This is a great system because they are small, suitable for a wide range of classroom projects

and inexpensive. 

MakeBlock mBot ( for Secondary )

This is an all metal screw and bolt type device and is their entry level buildable bot. Tough build quality with onboard sensors as well as ultrasonic and line following breakout boards. There are many expansion kits to create many different kinds of interesting projects

-Grades 2-12+

-Quick to build and get coding

-Storyfied game content ( english ) 

-Languages : 

  • Scratch 3.0
  • C++ (arduino IDE) 

Leju Robot ( for primary and secondary )

Lejurobot’s Aelos 1s is a per-built advanced humaniod system, will various possible activities and many layers of lesson material which it could support. 

Webpage under construction. More details to come

DF Robot Boson (for primary and secondary)

DF boson is a comprehensive plug and play introduction to electrontics, logic and the maker's universe of creativity. they have specific sets for scientific observation and analysis. Boson units are magnetic, so they can uses on a white board and can also be used in conjunction with lego and BBC MicroBit. 

A single pack of Boson has tens upon tens of potental lessons waiting inside. 

Other brands coming to this page:

Webpage still under construction.