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Robozone tech playgrounds are a new concept in smart gaming which combine real robotics, AR, electronics and building kits with

mobile gaming 

Capture the flag challenges with DJI Robomaster


Can't get to a Robozone centre in person? No problem!

In online remote mode, our challenge bots can be used and abused from the comfort of your home.

(or work.....shhhhh we wont tell) 

RoboZone will be a unique activity centre for the whole family

(yes including the adults)  An inspirational tech playground that will fire up and boost your imagination and creativity.

We aim to evolve constant interest with robotic challenge leagues, makerspace innovation events, bootcamps and at the heart of the whole centre, a great mobile game based around STEAM that ties it all together. 

People will be having too much fun to realise that they are learning solid modern skills.