Hexgen Interactive

How to prepare and order your prints

: with a ready made file

Find a ready model in .STL format from a 3D site. 

Go to the 3D front page and fill out the request form and upload the .STL files.

Job done.

Perhaps its time for a snack? 

: making flat stuff (like letters) 3D

Type out the letters in a text editor you wanrt in the font that you wish in a nice big size with 3-4 spaces between the letters 

Take a screenshot of each letter on at a time using the snapping tool (windows) or the screenshot tool (mac).

Save it as a .png 

  • Personalized office organization
  • Door signage & promo
  • Models & Scenery for tabletop gaming
  • Small scale prototyping
  • Novelties 

The current hardware

We do not provide a finishing service. All prints are supplied cleaned of supports 

No instant inspiration?

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How to guide 

Simply contact us using the form above with the details of your desired print, we will then contact you with details of what file format and how to prepare the model 

Please include any links to the address, if the model is freely available online. 

Please pay attention to any copyright and useage requirement by the original designer. 


How to start? See how to section below