The smart Edtech series: coming to schools near you

A revolutionary education platform that uses animation, real hardware and gamification

Science: Technology
Well-being: Languages

Self contained. Minimal teacher pre-prep.

All learning types covered using animations, games and hardware.

Deeper learning by teaching in a child's own language.

Great gender participation in STEAM & Tech Subjects

At last! an education platform that is created to engage all students, genders and all budgets

Join the action as a group of teens stumble upon a global alien conspiracy.

With your help, our heroes test their skills and knowledge in science, technology, coding, language, well-being and social sciences to discover the hidden secrets of the alien visitors.

Will they succeed in their secret mission while fitting in with their social groups and school lives? It’s no easy task!

Images are not from the final product

Packages for schools and institutions

Nurturing engagement in STEAM education is a world-wide challenge especially for girls
and those who learn in a differnt way from the narrow methods currently used.

We solve this problem with our relatable narrative driven lessons that uses cartoons, games and physical hardware. Engagement is carried forward by the ‘ what will happens next! ‘ tension that our series provides and compels the student to learn their way forward.

Educator packages

Licenses for animation,
software (Apple iOS) learning material.


Hardware sales or
leasing options*

* Not all episodes require hardware

At last! STEAM materials schools can afford

Cost : access : flexible options for smaller budgets

We help reduce the costs of the schools STEAM education budget and offer higher quality, modern, engaging tech learning materials for schools and other organisations.

A flexible leasing and distribuition system tailored to your timetable and needs.

Only pay for the time that you need and no more.

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